Design Services

Kratos Hosting provides WordPress and WooCommerce designing services.

  • Clear cost summery
  • Revisionsare included
  • Pricing is design based


Why let your website be designed by Kratos Hosting?

Design's are custom made

Kratos Hosting will create custom designs, based on your requirements, we do not purchase or use pre-made design’s (unless specifically told so by the customer)

Safe & Secure

Kratos Hosting website design’s are not just theme’s we will design and configure your entire dream website. This includes configuring integrations, secure your wordpress websites and implementing security based policies.

Better Stats & Full Control

We integrate your new website with our hosting platform which provides you with powerful insights. You will still have full control over the entire website and design.


Design price


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want a refund?

Refund’s are partially possible, If the project hasn’t been started then a full 100% refund is possible. If the project has started a partial refund is possible based on the time spend. Total time spend insights are available under your kratoshosting account on

Am I required to host my website at Kratos Hosting?

No, but keep in mind that any required licences are not transferrable to other hosting platforms.

Am I allowed to modify the design?

Yes, the design can be fully modified by you!

Please do keep in mind that Kratos Hosting is not responsible for any down-time or misconfigurations due to modified designs.

Still need more information?

Contact us through the form below, and we will answer all the questions that arise!

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Support guarranteed

We are ready to help you when you need it, no matter the difficulty.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not 100% satisfied with our offerings? You can get a refund without a hassle!